Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being content

I believe the 10th commandment reads something like this,
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's big weight loss numbers on the scale.
Or something like that.

I've been working very hard and eating well for a month. I did not expect to lose massive amounts of weight overnight.  I know that 1-2 pounds a week is recommended.  I know that losing 8.4 pounds in 4 weeks is something to get excited about.  (And I am THRILLED!!)  If I keep up this rate, I'll be 100 pounds lighter by New Year's Day 2014.

That said, it's tough when I log into MFP and I see people (also over 100 pounds overweight) who started the same time I did (4 weeks ago) who have already lost 20 pounds (or more!).  I am thrilled for them.  Really, I am.  I don't want to take their success away. I just want to join them there.  I always hear about a great 1st week weigh in.  My weigh ins have all been about 2 pounds less than the week before.

But, I will be content.  And I will keep going.  I will not give up.  And I will drop the remaining excess weight.  It might take 18 months. It might take longer. But I won't give up.  Instead, I will celebrate my victories.

In the past 30 days I have:

  • Walked 50 miles (exercise miles)
  • I have taken over 230,000 steps (roughly 117 miles total)
  • I have completed 6 Zumba clases (and mostly kept up!)
  • I have lost 8.4 pounds
  • I have run 24 minutes (one minute at a time while doing C25K)
  • I have lost about 3" from my waist, 2" from my chest, and 2" from my hips
  • I have walked through the first 9 books of the Bible (listening to the audio version while I walk.)
  • I have organized an exercise class (Zumba) at my office, and almost everyone has participated at least once--and plans to join us as often as possible. 
  • I have learned to like (not just tolerate) carrots.
  • I have drained my 32 ounce water bottle at least 3 times a day (=12 glasses of water)
  • I have had an average of one 12 ounce Pepsi per day (down from 2-3 64 ounce fountain cups a day.)
I may have "only" lost 8.4 pounds, but I am on my way to regaining my life!


  1. Hi Julie, just found your blog from my friend Cammy and just wanted to say way to go girl on those fantastic January accomplishments. I have read your posts from the beginning of the year and look forward to following along as you continue your journey. Hopefully, we can encourage each other. I will enjoy following the journey of someone in New Mexico.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I didn't even realize Cammy had posted about me. I'm glad to have you on this journey with me!


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