Saturday, January 26, 2013

Contents Under Pressure

I needed to be labeled "Contents Under Pressure" today.  I pulled out my Enell bra that I bought about 5 or 6 years (and 30 or 40 pounds!) ago.  It is a size 6. Which actually isn't as bad as I thought. I think I would be in a 7 by their size chart.

If you haven't seen the Enell bras, they looks like a straight jacket. The have a full back and go on like a vest. Mine has 12 hooks.  To put one on (even if they aren't slightly smaller than you need) is quite a challenge.

From the website:
Secure hook and eye closures make it easy to put your ENELL Bra on. It is important to fasten from the bottom and work your way up. As you hook each closure, adjust your breasts for the best possible fit. Once your ENELL is fastened, the breasts should be held firmly in the upper center portion of the bra.

Basically, you start hooking and poking and keep hooking and poking until you get to the top. Then you do your best to adjust any part of the boob that didn't go where it was supposed to go.  And you just hold your breath and hope the hooks don't start going, "ping, ping, ping" until you are standing there totally exposed, but breathing.

Anyway....I managed to get into the bra. (And still breath).  I hopped in the car and drove to the gym.  I managed to get through my work out (48 minutes on the treadmill) and back home without popping any hooks.  But you bet I took it off and replaced it with my old faithful bra as soon as I got home!

Not me (below) and mine is not this pretty orchid color. Mine is white.

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