Saturday, January 26, 2013

Variety is overrated!

I have had the same lunch (with a few variations) every work day for the past 3 months. (Except one day my husband took me to lunch and one day my boss brought baked potatoes and salad bar.) I have found that is easier for me to just do the same thing every day, rather than try to create something new every day. I'm sure I will get tired of this combination, and I'll change it up to something else. But I find it comforting to not have to think. 

My daily lunch (for now): 
Whole grain Sandwich Twin with Laughing Cow and one serving of lunch meat. 
A pile of carrots 
A serving of cottage cheese. 
A serving of pineapple chunks. (I bought a plastic jar, so I can easily take a few at a time).

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