Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting back in the groove

For the first time since I started in January, I didn't walk at least 5 days a week.  I did walk M-Th.  I also didn't do Zumba at work at all. Our teacher was sick.  Last week (she was out of town) and we did a video.  On Monday, most of my office was sick.  So no Zumba video. (I did do it on my own at home.)  On Friday, we had a birthday lunch for a recently retired co-worker.  So no Zumba.  I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at a planning retreat for our women's ministry.  No opportunity to work out. (I did sneak in a quick plank).  Today was back to back to back stuff.

But tomorrow is a new day!

I will begin my week with a good workout and will work hard to beat the doldrums that seem to have settled.  And I'll try out the new bike I put in the office.  No more excuses!


  1. Keep trying to get the workouts in! I hate when things are so busy there is just no time. It's been a big adjustment to make time for me.

  2. Keep your head up and you will get it next week :)


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