Monday, February 11, 2013

Purposeful movement

Today I took a 30 minute walk. This isn't that unusual. I often walk about 45 minutes a day.  But today, I didn't walk around the track or on a treadmill.  I walked because I needed to get something.  My husband dropped me off at work today (I have enough evaluations to type to keep my busy for several days!), so I didn't have a car.  And I needed something from Walgreens. (Actually, I needed something from Target, but it was 1.6 miles away and Walgreens was only .7 miles away.  I didn't have time to walk 45 minutes there and walk 45 minutes back.  Plus, if I'd gone to Target, I would have bought more, thus had a heavy bag to carry back.)

Anyway, I walked to Walgreens and got what I needed. I went into to Burger King to see if there was something "healthy" I could get for lunch.  I had my MFP app open to compare calories.  I decided there was nothing there that I was willing to spend calories on. So I walked back to the office.  My lunch supply hasn't been restocked, so I had a Slim Fast shake (I keep them around for such emergencies!) and some cheese.

So I got in my exercise and I took care of an errand at the same time.


  1. I love functional exercise! :)

    BK has a grilled chicken/apple salad that isn't such a bad thing if you only use a teensy bit of the dressing. I also get them to leave the cheese off which saves a few calories.

  2. What a great accomplishment! Good for you for not eating at bk :)

  3. Great job getting some exercise in!


  5. Wow! Love your determination! Good work getting your exercise in!


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