Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Successful trip! New Toys!

I mentioned the other day that I was nervous about this trip out of town with my team from work because of the food and lack of opportunity to exercise.  I just got home, and I count it a success!

I did not get a chance to exercise (other than shopping!). But, I did a good job with my food choices.  I researched each restaurant ahead of time, when I could. And used my iPhone and Google at the table, if  I needed to.  I had plenty to eat, and I came in just under calories last night. I still have 600 calories  left for tonight (not sure I'll eat all of them for a snack).

Lunch was not too bad---a couple of tacos (Taco Tuesday!) at Golden Pride at 160 calories each.  The snacks at the training were mostly healthy.  I avoided that candy, but I had some trail mix and chocolate covered pomegranates. They hosts left all of the bags out next to the serving dishes, so I was able to get a good idea of calories.

For dinner, we went to Outback Steakhouse.  I decided ahead of time to try to the Salmon with grilled veggies. (It was marked as "under 600 calories") on the menu.  I did have about half a loaf of bread, but I had planned enough calories for that. I didn't eat any of the appetizers people offered me (fried mushrooms and Awesome Blossom), but I don't like onions or mushrooms.  Before bed, I ate some of the snacks I brought with me.

Breakfast at Weck's--the one I was really worried about---went very well. I studied the menu and nutrition page, and decided to go ala carte. (The plates started at 800 calories and went up to 2500 calories!) I ordered ham, 2 eggs, cottage cheese, and mixed fruit.  It totaled 600 calories.  But, I was so full, I didn't finish the fruit, and I barely touched the cottage cheese. So I logged it at 500 calories.

For dinner, I grabbed a couple of fajita tacos at Taco Cabana (about 200 calories each). Since we had a late breakfast/lunch, I had plenty of calories left, so I shared an order of sopapillas with my car-mates. (About 60 calories each. I ate 3).

Overall, not bad at all!

Several times over the trip my co-workers told me how proud they were of me and my choices. :)

On to the new toys!

Because our trip was postponed a day (roads closed due to blizzard conditions), we were in town when our tax return hit the bank.  I went to Fleet Feet and got measured for walking/running shoes.  Joey watched me walk and noticed that I tend to lean in (not sure the term).  He selected 3 pairs of shoes for me to try.  I picked a pair of Brooks.  I also got full inserts to help with the plantar fascitis. At the side of the store, they have a rubber running track, so I ran up and back. (So I got a little bit of exercise!!)  Joey said he could see a difference in my gait. Now I'm ready to run!

My next stop was the Apple store where my husband had already pre-ordered a pair of FitBit Ones. I'm still trying to figure it all out, but I am excited to see how it will help me reach my goals.


  1. Not to sound smug, but I had NO DOUBT that you'd handle the trip well! :)

    I buy all my workout shoes at Fleet Feet. Besides helping to ensure a good fit, they're awesome with post-purchase customer service. Even if you wear the shoes for a few weeks, if they don't feel great, FF will exchange them. I've only had that happen once, but it was such a relief to know that I wouldn't be out the $$$.

  2. Good for you making the right choices and stuff. Doesn't it feel great to be in control. I bet ya it does. Now onto your next goal with your new of luck.

  3. Great choices. I can't wait to hear how you like the fit bit. I want the fit bit flex that is coming out this spring.


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