Monday, February 4, 2013

What will I look like when I'm done?

Since I have been overweight all of my adult life, it is hard for me to even imagine me as at a healthy weight.  I was somewhere around 150 when I got married (17 years old).  I love this picture of me. Even in a size 18 dress, you can see I have an hour glass shape.  I would be happy to be this size again!

After I got married, I gained about 10 pounds a year for 10 years. (Yep...that put me about 250 ish).  I hung out at this size for a while.  

So it's hard for me to even imagine what I would look, as an adult, at 150 pounds.  So I decided to check out  You can select your hair color and style, your skin tone, and your background.  Oh! And it's free!  You can spin your models around. (I skipped the back view!)  The ones on the left are at 306. The ones on the right are at 150.

So, here is to picturing myself (ourselves!) at goal!


  1. You look so pretty in you dress. Funny isn't it of how back then we thought we were so overweight but now I would be so happy if I was like that again.

    Thanks so much for linking the model site. I tried it and it gave me a sense of how I may look once I get this weight off.

    Until Later.....


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