Thursday, March 21, 2013

The New Lunch Lady

I have a new job at work.  I am now the lunch lady! 

 I work in an office with all women.  There are 10 of us, and we al struggle with our weight.  We are from mid-30's to early 60's.  Most of us have tried (and failed) to lose weight before.  But this year, something is different.  Almost all of us have at least tried Zumba.  There are 5 of us who are there every time we can.  And we are al becoming more conscious of what we eat.

When I first started making healthy choices in January, I think everyone expected this phase to pass (like it has on previous attempts).  But I have stuck with it. Every day, instead of grabbing a burger and fries, I quietly make my sandwich (Sandwich thins, Laughing Cow Cheese, and lunch meat) and add cheese (cottage cheese or mozzarella balls) and fruits/veggies (carrots, applesauce, pineapple, and/or banana).  And I grabbed my bottle of water.

Two weeks ago. L asked me to "Just buy my breakfast and lunch and I'll pay you for it".  The second time she asked (when I know she was serious), I invited her into the kitchen to make a sandwich. I showed her the correct portions.  

Later I asked if she was satisfied (she was). I told her her entire meal was under 400 calories--much less than the fast food she normally eats.  I had just been to the store, so she gave me half of what I spent on groceries.

 Today, I asked A to let L know that I was going to the store to get carrots (we had run out). Seeing A's puzzled look, I explained what I was doing.  She said, "Can I get in on this too?"  Of course!  The more the merrier!  She gave me some cash to go to the store.   We decided that if each of use chips in about $10 a week, we can have some good meals.  Next time, I'll go to Sam's Club and get a better deal!

 As we were serving our plates, A commented on L's plate.  "You aren't supposed to have those" (Lay's potato chips).  I reminded them both that noting is off limits, we just need to plan for them.  And, I pointed out that the pile of chips on her plate were much smaller than any of us would have normally taken.

It's kind of exciting to be inspiring others to make healthy choices!



  1. Fantastic idea! A girl at work and I use to bring in cobb salad fixin's. Worked so well! I bring my lunch to work every day. Good Job!

  2. That is so great that you and your co-workers are doing it together! I haven't tried zumba yet, but it looks so fun! Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  3. What a neat idea!! You are inspiring!

  4. Awesome job! Its always easier with friends!

  5. I am sitting here with a great big grin on my face! This is awesome on so many levels, but primarily in that it's recognition of YOUR efforts, and also that it's a living demonstration of the power of community in resolving problems. How fortunate you are to work with great people and *very* fortunate for them that they get to work with YOU!

  6. What a great feeling- sometimes it really helps keep a person motivated when they know they are helping others too :) You all can support one another for sure!


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