Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NSV Time

Time for a linkup.  At first I didn't know if I would be able to come up with anything.  It's been a rough week. But I dug deep!


For 135 days, I have logged my food and exercise on MyFitnessPal. I haven't done everything perfectly, but I continue to trudge along.  

I got my prize from EveryMove's Fitcation contest that I won last month.  I got a Body Media (aka Body Bugg) like they use on The Biggest Loser, a t-shirt, an aluminum water bottle, a gift card for a pair of running shoes and a night in a fancy hotel.  The last two items are from Seattle.  But the shoe store mailed out a pair of shoes to me today (after we talked about what I've been wearing and my feet issues.)  The hotel stay is going to be a wedding present.

I got new workout clothes from Mother's Day.  You can see a pretty model picture of the purple shirt at the Old Navy site.  But here's what it looks like on me.  I got three pieces.  The purple shirt is a compression tank top with a built in bra.  (Not nearly enough bra for me.)  The peach shirt is just a regular tank. In both pictures, I'm wearing compression pants.  Apparently I have very thin lower calves.  They are bagging around the ankles!

Some thoughts to remind me that I need to keep going.  I will not give up!


  1. That looks like some awesome stuff you got! I hope your new shoes work out well for you!

  2. You are looking mighty good there Julie.
    Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing.

    Many hugs

  3. Great job, Julie!!! Love the pics!

  4. You look great! I love that purple shirt! Keep it up!

  5. I am SO jelly of the body bugg!! Congrats!! You just reminded me also to sign in to mfp! I haven't logged in for 3 day's for the first time since I joined this journey over I did 125 in a row and now I lost my streak Ugh so devistated! Good post!

  6. You got some great stuff, Julie! The prize pack AND Mother's Day gifts are awesome! I wish I could tell you the last time I checked in on have inspired me to get back to it.

  7. Hi! Just found your blog! Would you link up with us this Monday?

  8. I don't want to see "pretty models"; I want to see "pretty Julie". And I did. I love that purple!

  9. That is so great that you got new workout clothes for mother's day! What a great gift!


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