Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Zumba Shoes

When I started walking--and eventually running--I knew I would need to get good quality running shoes.  In February, I was in Albuquerque (nearest city with a running store) and got my first pair of Brooks.  I worn them every day---walking, running, Zumba, working.  All day.  I put over 500 miles on them (according to my FitBit.).

In May, I found out that I won a pair of running shoes from a contest on Every Move.  I was supposed to get a different brand, but after talking to the shoe store about my needs (pronating, plantar facistis), they suggested a new pair of black Brooks. I got them at the beginning of June.  (I'm wearing them below---in my race day outfit.)

Yesterday, I noticed the sole was lifting in some places.  I wasn't sure who to call. The store that sent me the shoes is in Seattle. (I'm in New Mexico).  So I called Brooks.  They have a great customer service department!  I spoke with a representative for a few minute who directed me to their websites "Defective item form".  I provided a little information (where I got the shoes, how long I had them, what I did in them, and contact info).  And I submitted a picture of the damage (below).

Within about 4 hours, I had an e-mail informing me that a "one time replacement pair of shoes" was on its way and I should have them in 5-7 days.  He also (politely) informed me that, "All of our shoes are designed to be used specifically for running and walking. We do not recommend them for Zumba as this will decrease the life expectancy of the shoes and cause defects."

Oops!  I'm glad they didn't refuse to replace them since I was not using them correctly.  But their customer service is awesome!

So, what kind of shoes do I get for Zumba?


  1. Hmmm... See,s strange that they wouldn't last very long regardless of what you were using them for. I guess you'll just have to check that particular portion of the shoe and make sure the movements won't wear Dow/tear apart that particular area.

    Good luck finding some Zumba shoes!


  2. No clue on the Zumba shoes, but I can assure you that that's the BEST race costume ever!

  3. Love you race outfit! Keep up the good work Julie!

  4. you could get yourself another pair of brooks, and use them specifically for zumba.
    Now I don't do zumba (anymore, I find it's not intense enough for me)
    My shoes go like this:
    nike lunafly's - walking and some aerobic workouts
    Vibrams - strength workouts and some aerobic workouts
    books pure connect2 - running
    kayano's - were just running, now just every day shoes.

    Yes I have a lot of shoes, but I get lots of wear out of them and they last longer.

  5. Lightweight running shoes are great for zumba. Dance shoes usually don't offer ankle support which you need for side to side movement, you also want to make sure the shoe doesn't grip the floor too much because you won't be able to do the lateral moves as well. I believe Shape or Self magazine did an article on shoes last year that included a few pairs that are good for zumba.

  6. I absolutely, 100% LOVE LOVE LOVE my Vibram FiveFingers (I wear Bikilas) for Zumba. My feet NEVER hurt other than mild achiness if I'm walking for hours on end. I have some arthritis in my toes that makes my toes cramp really badly within 20 or 30 minutes of starting a Zumba class with good sneakers or even dance sneakers, and I am very prone to blisters on my toes, heels, and the outsides of my feet. I do not experience any of these issues when I wear my Vibrams. If Vibrams are not for you, try going to a dance store (where they sell stuff for ballet, tap, jazz dance, etc) and ask for dance sneakers that have a spin circle on the bottom. These shoes will not stick to the floor, so they won't wear out quickly and will reduce your risk for twisting an ankle, compared to conventional sneakers that have lots of tread and stick to the floor.

  7. Hey Julie, I also had somewhat of a similar situation when I went about looking for shoes for my Zumba class. Stay away from running shoes as I almost broke my ankle dancing in them. You could go for shoes that are designed for dance aerobics, or maybe a shoe with very little traction on them. I got some really good selection of Zumba shoes at this site, so maybe you can see if anything grabs your attention.

    Can't wait for my class next week, I am now officially a Zumba addict :)

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