Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tough Mother Challenge

No, that isn't a typo. I did not participate in a "Tough Mudder" challenge.  But I did have my own chance to show that I am a tough mom!  Less than 6 months ago, I weighed over 300 pounds, had never run more than a minute or two without feeling like I was dying, and could not fit into play areas with my kids.  (If I even had the energy to try!)

I began my Saturday morning (usually a day to rest and sleep in!) with an early morning run.  Since I signed up for my first 5K, I need to get used to running outside and on pavement (not a dirt track).

Today, I ran my first 5K on pavement---and with wind resistance!  I finished in just under 55 minutes.  (If you are looking at the picture below, you may notice that I stopped at 3.18 instead of 3.2.  I couldn't read the display without stopping.  I thought I had the full 5K.  But I decided that I was close enough.)

Edited to add: A big thank you to Shelley from My  Journey to Fit for reminding me that a 5K is indeed 3.1 miles not 3.2 miles.  So I not only completed my 5K, but I surpassed it!  I'm not sure why that .2 was stuck in my head. I guess because I've been looking at a 10K lately?!?!

Here is me after my run. (Am I still alive?!?!?)

My Fitbit gave me credit for 9 flights of stairs! I don't think the elevation changed that much, but the wind resistance made it seem like I was running uphill.
I averaged about a 17 minute mile. (Between 3.4 and 3.6 MPH.  Better than my treadmill averages which are usually closer to 3.0 MPH).

 I ran at our local soccer park. There is a 1 mile loop and a 2 mile loop.  I started with the 2 miles loop, and then followed with a 1 mile loop. I had to go a little further because it wasn't quite true miles.
I got home about 9:30; took a shower, ate some meat, cheese, and fruit; and decided to rest a while.  I didn't really sleep, but I did read a book. 

Since Daddy and the Teenager were out on a shooting trip with a local church, it was just the the two little ones (8 and almost 10), so we decided to have an adventure.  There is a local entertainment company that has a shop in the mall with blow up toys (bounce house type toys).  The kids wanted to go a couple of weeks ago, but we didn't have enough time.  Today we went.

I paid $6 a piece for the kids (nothing for me!) and made sure it was okay for me to play too.  There was one that looks like a bounce house without a 4th wall.  It has a basketball hoop and 2 slides.  The second one was an obstacle course, and the third was a big slide.

I had the kids take a series of pictures of me on the obstacle course. I don't know that I'll ever compete in a Tough Mudder or any of the other obstacle course, so here is my tribute!

Climbing through the tunnel......

Made it past the standing pillars and began to climb over the wall (it's not as easy as it looks!)

Halfway over!

There's no graceful way to come done!

Success!!! I did it! Hail the warrior Mommy!

This slide gave the hardest time. I had a tough time getting up on the top with my legs both in front of me.  I think I made it down twice!
Group picture!!  

And we had to stop at the photo booth to commemorate our day!

What have you conquered that you never thought you could do before deciding to get healthy?


  1. I like your version of a Tough Mudder better!

    BTW, a 5K is actually 3.1 miles, so you MORE than ran a 5K!!! Great job!


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