Saturday, August 3, 2013

August totals

The theme this month was race, and then reset. After my first 5K at the beginning of the month, I had a lot of trouble getting moving again. I'm doing better. My food has mostly been good, but I had two nights were I drank a lot more than usual. (I rarely drink, and when I do it is usually just some when with my husband.) Last week I had two nights (Within 3 days!!) that I drank.  But I danced a lot both times! During an overnight team building retreat, I had the girls teach me how to go from doing Zumba to actually dancing. We had a lot of fun and burned a lot of calories. The second event was a birthday party for a co-worker (where I practiced my new dancing moves). What a fun way to burn calories.

I'm not sure what my weight is. My scale is acting up (only displaying some of the numbers). I believe today's weight was 252.1 (down 4.5 pounds this month).  I'm not replacing the scale right away because I have been weighing in too often. I need to just focus on eating and exercise---and let the number on the scale take care of itself.

Measurements. I've lost a total of 23.25 inches!
Hips: down 7 inches
Waist: down 7.5 inches
Chest: down 8.5 inches

And now for the monthly pictures!

I've been wanting to try a running skirt. I found this one at Lane Bryant for $12.  It's an 18/20!! I think it looks cute!  I'm still not sure if I like it. My thighs rub too much!


  1. I always wear a pair of compression-type shorts under my running skirts to help with the thigh issue. They come in different lengths; I get the 7 inch ones. Congrats on your first running skirt (and what a deal!), and also on how well you're doing - you look fantastic!

  2. Don't look now, but your losses are showing! :) Nice score on the running skirt!

  3. You are looking great and I hope you are feeling great too! Love the running skirt - and at such a good price too!


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