Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Official Race Picture and Standings

When I ran my first 5K last month, I clocked it at 50:05.  I expected my official time to be a bit longer.  I finally found the race results online.  And my official time was 50:02!!  I was not last place. In fact, I came in #113 out of 123, and I was a full 20 minutes ahead of the last woman (and almost 30 minutes behind the first woman!). 

Here is my official race photo:

(I still think my personal photographer did an awesome job!!)

Here are the other race photos (if you are one to look at races you didn't run!)

Below are the other costumes I found:





  1. Cute! Love all the costumes. You did an amazing job!!!


  2. Woo-hoo for not-last-place! (You were way ahead of me!)

    Love the costume and the photo. You look so happy!


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