Friday, August 30, 2013

Zumba Fun

I haven't been able to go to Zumba as often as I'd like (only about 1 time a week lately instead of 2-3 times a week like before).  I have an awesome teacher. I introduced myself the first time I met her and she remembers my name. It helps that we are both Julie!! (But she's knows a lot of us by name.) She's even texted me when she hadn't seen me in a while.  Julie usually teaches on Monday and Wednesday.

Last class I had with her (about 2 weeks ago) she asked if I minded if she pointed me out in class. She will often point out how people modify the steps to make it work for them.  That gave me a boost of confidence.

Last night I got a bigger boost. She was trying to decide on the next song. (Julie tends to be a bit of a free spirit. She never used the same songs in the same order.) I said, "Do my song!" And I did the starting motions. "The one you sent me." (A couple of months ago, she stayed late after class and went over some steps with us. I finally got it, and now it's my favorite. Julie texted me the name of the song: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar.)
Julie figured out the song I was referring to and asked if I would join her on the stage for it. I told her only if she stayed up there with me. The class cheered for me when I went up.

I was able to do the entire done with just a few mess ups. It was a lot of fun. Julie is an awesome teacher, and she loves to share the stage (literally). And she made my day.

I had to include this last one. Julie kept asking us if we were tired. I was tired when I walked in!!


  1. I zumba on the wii at home and absolutely love it! Such a great workout!

  2. I don't think I'd like zumba, but darned if I'm not having fun reading how excited YOU are about it!


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