Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I'm in Albuquerque this week for training. One of the things we enjoy when we go to trainings is the ability to shop in place we don't have at home. (And we don't have many choices, so it doesn't take much to get us excited!!)

We went to Ross first. I didn't find anything that sparked my interest. Next we went to Old Navy. Other than the plus size workout clothes I got online, I've never been able to wear any if their clothes.

Since I've lost almost 60 pounds, I decided to try on some XXL shirts. I went into the dressing room with about a dozen different styles.

After trying on not one, but three, XXL shirts, I realized I needed a different size. They were all too big!!!

I went back out and collected an assortment of XLs. A couple of them didn't fit, but most if the XLs were perfect. I'm taking about "normal sizes" XL. Not"big girl" 1X!!

I walked into Old Navy in a 4X. I walked out with a bag of XLs.

Baggy 4X

Well fitting XL (yes, my spare tire needs some work, but it's getting smaller!!


  1. Hooray for smaller sizes! Just about 60 lbs gone is awesome, keep up the great work.

  2. OH my gosh you are swimming in that first shirt! Love this NSV!!!


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