Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Today I had a rough day at work. Frankly, it's been a rough few months. Change is never fun. About 3 pm, I wondered why in the world I decided to stop drinking Diet Coke right now?!?! I decided to get one. I used to drink 64 oz sodas (formerly regular Pepsi--then Diet Coke 2 years ago.) about a year ago I switched to 46 oz ones with lots of ice. Today, I just got a 32 ounce one. I got to my car and took a sip, and it just didn't taste good. I had a few sips over the next couple of (crazy) hours at work and took it home for dinner. Three hours later, it looked like this. 

Almost completely full. It was not refreshing. 

I told my husband yesterday thatI really  NEEDED a run tonight. He asked if I needed or wanted one. I assured him it was necessary. This afternoon I told  him I thought  I might run a half marathon tonight--due to all the stress.

I ended up running only 1 1/2 miles because the Mosquitos were eating up my sensory overload distressed baby girl. So we came home. But, not before I had a PR! I ran my first mile in 15:07!!! Down from almost 18 minute average!!

Now I'm having a bowl of frozen banana "ice cream from my YoNanas that I dug outbid the garage last night.

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