Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Faithful Finish Lines

I was one of 10 bloggers chosen to participate in a program called Faithful Finish Lines.

Faithful Finish Lines is an online faith and fitness community for women. Find community groups, live chats, and helpful information for real fitness and healthy eating. Discover a new you.
Faithful Finish Lines is a grace-filled place. You won't see strict diets, lists of unrealistic rules, or guilt. Fumbles are understood and welcomed as part of the process.

For the next 7 weeks, I'll be focusing on both physical and spiritual goals, and I'll blog about the journey at least once a week.

Topics include:

Week 1: Faithful Finish Lines are God-Given.          Week 1 Eating for Energy: Focus on Journaling
Week 2: Faithful Finish Lines have a simple, measurable Plan.          Week 2 Eating for Energy: Focus on Fruits and Vegetables
Week 3: Faithful Finish Lines include Mission and Fun!          Week 3 Eating for Energy: Focus on Protein
Week 4: Faithful Finish Lines balance with Family priorities.          Week 4 Eating for Energy: Focus on Healthy Beverages
Week 5: Faithful Finish Lines promote Eating for Energy.          Week 5 Eating for Energy: Focus on Whole Grains & Foods Low in Sugar
Week 6: Faithful Finish Lines focus on the Reward!          Week 6 Eating for Energy: Focus on Whole, Unprocessed Foods
Week 7: Faithful Finish Lines have a Rhythm of Running and Resting.          Week 7 Eating for Energy: Focus on Planning Ahead for Success

Disclaimer: I was given free access to the Faithful Finish Lines program in exchange for blogging about my experience. I am not receiving payment of any other form and the opinions are mine alone.


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