Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I was a Middle Aged Volley Llama

Do something.  Anything. Just start moving and have fun.  That's what I did.

It all started with a question:
If I signed up for a team for the adult volleyball league, would any of you join me?

I responded,
If you'd like a middle aged Mama who hasn't played in 30 years--Sure! Sign me up! 
So she did!  We debated names, and a one point, I thing we were going to be the Volley Mamas, but we found out the teams are required to be co-ed.  So we became the Volley Llamas.  We were going to get cool shirts, but that didn't work out.  We were even going to color coordinate, but that didn't happen either.

We signed up a bunch of people, because we knew with our busy schedules, not everybody would make it the same night.  The first night, we had enough people to rotate (6 at a time). Tonight (final game) we had only 4 people. 

If you look closely at the group photo, you might notice some things.  (If you can't find me, I'm in yellow near the back left side).  
  • I am much older than the other players.  In fact, I'm old enough to be most of their moms.  It's true. I've been married 30 years. Most of them are under 30, and the others aren't much over 30.
  • I'm much bigger than (and more out of shape) than the others.  One of these Mamas even has a very young baby!! But I'm 100 pounds lighter than I was 4 years ago.
  • They are all really good players. (Okay, you can't see that from this picture).  I was never a very good player.  I was on the junior high school team, but I was never great. I enjoyed it though.
These guys are good. I mean really good!!

One night, I came home from the game and told my husband I was thinking about quitting.  I was feeling bad for dragging the team down. But I decided to follow through on my commitment.  My team members were encouraging and they never griped (at least out loud!) when I missed the ball. They cheered me on the few times I helped the ball get over the net.  One night I was feeling self-conscious because the workout pants I packed to change after work were a little more form-fitting than I realized.  One of my teammates complimented me on my pants.

Tonight was our final game. We only had 4 players.  Three really good players--and me.  Honestly, they might have won if I had stayed home. But I was part of the team.  I served a few times that we scored.  I even got a few balls over the net in rallies.  I missed a few (but so did some of the really good players).  We encouraged each other, and we had fun. And now the season is over.

I'm not sure if I will sign up next year. But I might sign up for something else.  I hear Roswell has a Roller Derby!?!!

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