Thursday, July 20, 2017

Larger than Life

For the first time in forever....or so it seems... I fit into a size LARGE shirt. A large shirt. Not squeezed into a 3XL or a 2XL or even an XL.  A LARGE!!  And not just one. I actually tried on 6 different large shirts.  And they all fit!  I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore a large shirt. I'm flipping out here a bit.  Excuse the messy-end-of-the-day hair.  And the horrible selfie angles.  But see the look of pure joy!! I snapped pictures and sent them to my hubby, and my sister, and my former co-worker, and my friend who gave me most of the shirts I tried on.  I'm ecstatic!  

This last picture... Shortly after I started working for the state, our Regional Office Manager brought a couple of boxes of shirts. Unfortunately, they were medium and larges.  I knew they wouldn't fit.  After everyone had taken what they wanted, I decided to grab a couple "just in case".  They have been hanging in my closet.  Guess what I'm wearing to work tomorrow?!?!?!

I'm not sure if I put enough !!! in this post to convey my excitement!

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