Sunday, August 27, 2017

My newest running accessory

I recently got $5000 BlueTooth ear buds.  Actually, I got new hearing aids, but they are BlueTooth.

I got my first hearing aid about 13 years ago. Then I got a pair of new hearing aids about 8 years ago. Almost 2 years ago I had surgery to correct otosclerosis in my left ear. The surgery was successful, but I still have loss in that ear. I started wearing my old hearing aid again a few months ago.

Two weeks ago I got a new pair of hearing aids.  They are Halo Starkey for iPhone. And they are pretty cool. Not only are they BlueTooth, but the app allows me to raise or lower the volume as needed. I can even save settings for a specific location (such as Planet Fitness) and set a geotag. So every time I go to that Planet Fitness, the settings adjust.  

I can listen to my iPhone's playlist, and it goes straight to my ear. When I answer my phone, the sound is only in my ear. My navigation directions go straight to my ear.  

I have needed new hearing aids for a couple of years, but my Medicaid did not cover hearing aids for people over 19 years old.  My state insurance covers $2500 per ear every 3 years. My husband got the same hearing aids I did. We are still getting use to them and figuring out exactly what they can do.  But the kids are grateful for the lower volume on the television!

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  1. Wow, Julie, that's so cool. That makes you pretty close to bionic, I think.


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