Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Could Never Give Up....

When I tell people I am on a ketogenic diet--and what that means, the first response I usually get is, "I  could never give up ______" (insert, bread, tortillas, sugar, etc).  It's funny how we can change over time.  Several years ago my sister-in-law was mis-diagnosed with celiac disease.  Since that time I have met many other people who eat a gluten free diet.  I knew there was no way I could ever give up gluten--it's in everything!  I heard about various "sugar buster" programs that would break a sugar addition. But I knew there was no way I could ever give up all sugar. When I was diagnosed with diabetes and my nutritionist told me to avoid potatoes because the starches turn to sugar. I knew there was no way I could give up french fries and potato chips.

And now I am following a ketogenic diet.

  • I don't eat gluten (or any breads or grains)
  • I don't eat sugar--of any sort
  • I don't eat potatoes
And I'm loving it. I'm satisfied. I'm full. And I'm losing weight.
I love cheese!

Some people can't losing weight on a ketogenic diet while eating dairy ad using artificial sweeteners. So far, it's working for me.  Honestly, cheese and Diet Coke are what make this way of eating work for me.  If I could not eat cheese, I probably would have given up a long time ago. Yes. I like cheese that much! 

Not sure that I would go this far!

I have tried to give up my Diet Coke--and I've been successful for 6-8 weeks. But so far, I have not successfully kicked that habit.  And I'm okay with that. At some point, I may have re-evaluate both cheese and Diet Coke and determine if they belong in my diet. But for now, I will continue to enjoy them.

If Mama ain't happy--bring her a Diet Coke!

I know that a ketogenic diet is not for everyone. But the key to health is to find the right plan for you. And ultimately, the right plan for you is the one you will stick with.  

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