Friday, September 22, 2017

What Not to Say

I have got to admit, I love compliments. And since I've lost 123 pounds, I hear them often. I asked some of my friends about the comments they've heard.  Here are some things not to say to someone who is transforming her life.

1. You are too skinny!

  • Umm...I am still overweight--not as much as I used to be, but I am still a work in progress.

2. You are going to disappear! (or fade away).

  • Thanks for noticing, but it's not likely to happen! 
  • One friend responds, "I'm not disappearing. Actually I'm reappearing. This is me without the extra weight."

3. You are smaller than me!

  • What is wrong with me being smaller than you? I'm not the fat girl any more!

4. Stop losing weight! or When are you going to stop losing? or You've lost enough weight!

  • Don't worry. I'm working with my doctor. He is monitoring my progress, and I will consult him about when to slow things down.

5. I could never give up....

  • Umm...I didn't ask you to give up anything. You asked me how I've lost weight. I didn't take away your tortillas or pasta!

6. How much do you weigh?

  • This one doesn't bother me. I have publicly shared my weight many times. But some people are not comfortable with this. A better option would be "How much weight have you lost?"

7. Where do I buy this product?

  • I know there are people who are selling something.  And some are successfully losing weight. But sometimes it is just hard work.

8. Did you have surgery?

  • Surgery is one way to lose weight. If I did have surgery and wanted to share it, I would have.

9. This diet can't be healthy!!

  • Being morbidly obese wasn't healthy.
  • My doctor approves it.

10. My friend lost X amount of weight--but she gained it back.

  • I know many people regain the weight they lost, but this isn't helpful.

11. The extra weight looked good on you.

  • Okay. But I am healthier now.

12. Have you tried......

  • Whether it's a pill, a program, or a Plexus....I've probably already tried it. I have friends who have head success with each of them.

13. You can cheat this one time. It's your birthday...or Christmas...or National Donut Day!

  • This is a way of life. There is always going to be something to celebrate. I'm learning to celebrate in a healthy way.

What kind of comments have you heard? How do you react?

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