Sunday, October 22, 2017

I'm still here

I know I've been quiet lately, and when I started blogging I promised I would not apologize for gaps in blogging. I blog when I can. 

Life has been busy. Work has been overwhelming.  But, I have stayed on plan.  Here is what's been happening.

  • I'm in the 170's!! As of today I am down 128 pounds (in 5 years--75 pounds this year).
  • My husband in in the 300's. He is down over 92 pounds (in a year).
  • That is a total of 220 pounds between us!
  • We are looking at a knee replacement for John in January!
  • I have a couple of product review/giveaways coming up in the next month.
  • I'm looking for products to review/endorse.
  • I haven't been out for a run in about a month, and I'm on call this week.
This journey is a marathon not a sprint. Some days will be moving forward. Other days will be staying in place As long as I don't go backwards, I'm okay with that.

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