Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Facing Facts

Throughout my keto journey over the past year, I have not been one to weigh or measure. I count anything. But in December, I had to face some facts. I did not eat stuffing at Thanksgiving, or eat even a single candy cane or cookie at Christmas. And believe me, there were lots of goodies in the office to choose from! (People seem to think social workers need sugar!!) I ate a little bit of sweet potato on Thanksgiving, and I had a couple of pieces of melon at the office Christmas party. But other than those diversion, I only at keto friendly food.

But I gained 5 pounds in December. Yep. 5 pounds.

What happened? I indulged in "keto friendly" treats, but I didn't really pay attention to the carbs. If the keto peanut butter cup had 3 carbs (no added sugar)--as opposed to a Reese Peanut  Butter Cup that has 9 carbs (8 added sugar), I allowed my self to eat a couple. Eventually I had reached my 20 carbs without thinking about it.

I'm not beating myself up over the 5 pounds. I'm celebrating the over 130 pounds that are gone. I'm celebrating the size 12 SKINNY jeans (not super tight 28 jeans!) that I am wearing. I'm recognizing that my body is still adjusting.  I'm going to evaluate and modify.  I'm still not going to log and obsess about food, but I will make adjustment. I also need to cut back on the "keto friendly" sweeteners.

What changes do you need to make this year?

Speaking of new year, here are pictures from three of the past five new years.

 5 years ago (2013) I started walking. At 306 pounds.

1 year ago (2017) I started keto. At 248 pounds.

Yesterday (2018) I started the year At 175 pounds.

This year I will celebrate HALF.
I will reach my goal of Half a Julie (about 20 pounds to go!)
I will run my Yosemite Half Marathon.
But I will live a FULL life!


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  1. That is awesome. I'm very happy for you :) I found your blog through The Holy Mess blog. I am starting Keto and have been researching things. After debating between keto and weight loss surgery, I think I'm going to go with keto.


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