Sunday, November 4, 2018

Yosemite Half Marathon

Finally pictures from the Yosemite Half Marathon

Picking up my registration packet

My bib!

Each runner's name was on this print. Mine was split between two lines.

Linda and I made bags from old National Park race t-shirts.

Hubby was waiting at the finish line--I'm still not in this picture.

More to come.....



  1. A half long distance race is a street running occasion of 21.0975 km (13 mi 192½ yd)— a large portion of the separation of a marathon.[1] It is regular for a half long distance race occasion to be held simultaneously with a long distance race or a 5K race, utilizing nearly a similar Assignment writing service uk course with a poor start, an early completion or shortcuts[citation needed]. In the event that finisher decorations are granted, the award or strip may contrast from those for the full long distance race. The half long distance race is otherwise called a 21K, 21.1K or 13.1 miles, in spite of the fact that these qualities are adjusted and not officially right

  2. jaw dropping head is now turner of american national parks. this is the general of devotion of all who enter. there is a waterfall-striped that emerald-green Yosemite walls. this event produce by a vacation races and the seventh race of the national park. the course runs about 10 miles south of Yosemite national park in bass lake


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